I appreciate your interest in contributing to our website. We welcome guest posts from writers, bloggers, and keyboard experts. 

If you have knowledge and insights related to keyboards, we invite you to submit a guest post following the guidelines provided below.

Topics We Cover:

When it comes to buying the best keyboards, we are particularly interested in the following areas:

  • Keyboard Reviews: Share detailed reviews of different keyboard models, highlighting their features, performance, and user experience.
  • Keyboard Fixing and Troubleshooting: Provide step-by-step instructions and guides on how to fix common issues with keyboards, such as stuck keys, unresponsive keys, or connectivity problems.
  • Keyboard Maintenance and Care: Educate our readers on how to properly clean, maintain, and extend the lifespan of their keyboards.
  • Keyboard Technology and Innovations: Explore the latest trends, advancements, and innovations in keyboard technology, including mechanical keyboards, ergonomic designs, and customizable options.

Types of Content We Accept:

To ensure our readers receive valuable and engaging content, we accept the following types of articles:

  • How-to Articles: These articles should be a step-by-step guide on how to perform specific tasks related to keyboards, such as cleaning, keycap replacement, or setting up macros.
  • Listicles: Create lists of recommended keyboards for specific purposes, such as gaming, programming, or ergonomic needs. Include details, features, and pros and cons for each keyboard.
  • Case Studies: Provide in-depth analysis and comparison of different keyboard models, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for different user preferences.
  • Reviews: Share detailed studies of keyboard models, discussing their design, key switches, durability, software integration, and overall user experience.

Article Guidelines:

To maintain the quality and consistency of our content, we kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your article:

  • Originality: Your article should be original and not published elsewhere. It should also pass a plagiarism check.
  • Length: The article should have a minimum length of 1200 words to ensure comprehensive topic coverage.
  • Formatting and Proofreading: Please format your article properly, ensuring it is free from any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Proofread it thoroughly before submission.
  • Engaging and Informative: The article should engage readers and provide valuable insights, tips, or solutions related to keyboards. Aim to enhance their understanding or improve their keyboard experience.
  • Multimedia Elements: Include relevant images, diagrams, or screenshots to support the information and enhance reader understanding. Make sure to provide proper attribution for any borrowed media.
  • Credible Sources: When including factual information or statistics, please cite credible sources and provide links for readers to verify the information.
  • Limited Promotion: While promoting a product or service is allowed, ensure that it is highly relevant and useful to our readers. Maintain a balanced approach without excessive promotion.

How to Submit Your Article:

To submit your article for consideration, please follow the steps below:

  • Email: Send an email to “[email protected]” with the subject line “Guest Post Submission.”
  • Bio and Headshot: Include a short bio of 60-100 words introducing yourself and your expertise in the field of keyboards. Attach a high-resolution headshot of yourself.
  • Article Format: Attach your article as a Word document or provide a Google Docs link for easy access.
  • Review Period: Please allow up to 1 week for reviewing the submission. If your article gets selected for publication, we will contact you directly.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.