Best Keyboard

Let’s find the right keyboard for your daily use.

Hey! Let me introduce myself. My name is Harris Brown. I have a degree in computer science and I love exploring technical things.

I am a tech geek and at the age of 17, I decided to assemble my own gaming computer. This piqued my interest in keyboards. I watched all the videos related to the best keyboards and the customization options that come with them.

The research led me straight to creating which is dedicated to keyboards only.

I understand that choosing the right keyboard for your need is tricky due to the different key sizes, switches, and color combinations that are available.

Best Keyboard

But Don’t worry, I have taken into consideration the pricing, type, size, and gaming requirements and tested around 20+ keyboards before making the list.

So, take your pick from the keyboards listed below:

Type Of Keyboard

There are higher chances that the keyboard you are using doesn’t come with the best comfort and productivity. 

Explore these choices and see if they fit your needs.

Gaming Keyboard

Choosing the right keyboard for gaming is as important as you decide GPUs. Many manufacturers build separate keyboards for different types of gaming purposes. 

Size Of Keyboard

There are various sizes of keyboards available that offer different key placements, key dimensions, and weights.

Therefore, choosing the right size keyboard for your hands is crucial.


The price spectrum of the best keyboard is vast. 

Some keyboards fall under 20$, and some fit the price range above $500. 

Selecting the proper budget for your keyboard should help you to choose the best one.

Keyboards By Type

Depending on your work & your need, I have created the best keyboard recommendations that you may be looking for.

Many specific types of keyboards are categorized with budgets and their best usage.

Other Categories

Are you are still looking for the correct category, brand, or review? Then, check the section below to fulfill your needs.

These guides will help you find the right keyboard for your setup. So what keyboard you’re going to purchase? 

Let me know!