How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop?  (Guide)

Keyboards are, after all, made of keys.

Cleaning your keyboard is one of the first steps to fix sticky keys on laptop.

This is typically caused by spilled liquid or excessive dust accumulation.

Most of the time, updating or reinstalling the keyboard or its drivers will fix sticky keys on the laptop.

Still, some keys do not register on your PC, or the keyboard keeps spamming a key that can be fixed. But one can simply clean the keyboard to repair the problem though replacing the keyboard is an option. 

First, You need to switch off and remove the laptop’s battery. Then you can use these methods to fix the issue with sticky keys on your laptop.

How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop?  (Guide)

Ways To Fix Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop (Explained)

1. Compressed Air

Blow compressed air or wipe the upside-down keyboard back and forth to clear away any loose dirt lingering around or under your keys.

Compressed Air To Clean the Laptop Keys

Try tilting the laptop at various angles to get anything caught beneath or side of the keys.

It will be easier if you ask yourself or someone nearby to hold the laptop upside down, which will help you to clean the keyboard better. 

2. Pry off

Use a toothpick or something thin you can pry off the particular keys if you have a stuck key or large debris under one of your keys, but do so with caution.

Then use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to gently wipe away any sticky residue left behind after the sticky key has been cleared and on the key itself.

You will see a white plastic object known as a key retainer underneath the key. You may clean it with rubbing alcohol or soapy water, but dry it completely before inserting it into your laptop.  

Pry Off the Keys to clean the keyboard properly

3. Isopropyl Alcohol

Start wiping with isopropyl alcohol on a wet microfiber towel or cotton swab.

Most of the residue should be removed. However, you might need to revisit problematic areas until the place looks clean.

Back-and-forth cleaning of the keys will get rid of any leftover gunk.

Once you are done doing this, you can tap away the whole keyboard area with a dry cloth. The keyboard will look spotless and new in no time. 

Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the laptop keys properly

4. Nitpick

Proceed with the procedure if you have the time to do so. Before removing the keys, make careful to snap before and after images of the keys so you can see where to put the correct key.

Then, you must slowly and carefully remove each key from your keyboard without rushing.

Keep your keys and hinges organized here.

After that, use compressed air to remove any remaining dust and Q-tips coated in rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining sticky spots. Once you’re finished, check to see whether your issue has been resolved.


Before beginning all these steps, you can keep pressing the troublesome keys until they start functioning correctly. Apart from this, you can also use the keyboard tester tool.

This guide should assist you in maintaining a clean keyboard and avoiding problems when working or playing video gaming.

But even after doing everything, if it still does not help, kindly consider seeking expert assistance. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1: How do I get my laptop keys to stop sticking?

Ans: Make sure not to make a mess eating or drinking around your laptop; you can use rubbing alcohol to clean the sticky keys.

Ques 2: Do sticky laptop keys go away?

Ans: You must manually clean the sticky substance to eliminate your problem. 

Ques 3. Why can’t I type on my keyboard with sticky keys?

Ans: Go to the control panel on your desktop’s taskbar, then click Ease of Access.

Click modify how your keyboard operates. Make sure to turn off the sticky keys, Toggle keys, and Filter keys. Just uncheck these options, and you are good to go.

Ques 4. Why do Sticky Keys exist?

Ans: Sticky Keys is an accessibility feature where you can use multiple keys simultaneously with one keystroke. 

Ques 5. How do you fix Sticky Keys on a laptop with soda?

Ans: You can dip the Q-tip in rubbing alcohol to clean the sticky key.

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