Ark Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

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Ark Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

What Is Ark

Ark is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform designed to provide a fast, decentralized and secure way of exchanging digital assets. It was created with the goal of making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly for both individuals and businesses.

Ark also aims to facilitate the interoperability of different blockchains, allowing them to communicate and share information with each other. With its emphasis on simplicity and accessibility, Ark has gained popularity as a user-friendly solution for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Ark Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

  • Inventory – I
  • Craftables – V
  • Map – M
  • Toggle Creative Mode – F1
  • Toggle Third Person View – T
  • Toggle HUD – Backspace


In conclusion, the keyword shortcuts of Ark provide a valuable tool for efficient and streamlined gameplay. By utilizing these shortcuts, players can navigate their way through the game with ease, accessing important commands and actions with just a few keystrokes.

Whether it’s accessing inventory, riding dinosaurs, or activating special abilities, understanding and using these shortcuts can significantly enhance the overall gaming experience.

With the right knowledge and practice, players can master these shortcuts and harness the full potential of their character in the world of Ark.

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