Tradingview Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

If you’re a trader using TradingView, efficiency is key when monitoring the markets and making quick decisions.

One way to streamline your trading experience is by taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts. By incorporating these time-saving commands into your trading routine, you can navigate the platform with ease and maximize your productivity.

In this article, we’ll explore the most popular keyboard shortcuts for TradingView, helping you to become a more proficient and efficient trader.

Tradingview Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

What Is Tradingview

TradingView is a web-based platform for traders and investors to analyze financial markets, create and share trading ideas, and engage with a community of traders from around the world. It offers a wide range of tools and features for technical analysis, charting, and market research, allowing users to track and analyze price movements, identify trends, and make informed trading decisions. TradingView also provides access to real-time data, news, and social networking features to help users stay informed and connected in the financial markets. It is widely used by both individual traders and professional investors.

Tradingview Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for TradingView

  • Ctrl + Z: Undo
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo
  • Ctrl + S: Save chart layout
  • Ctrl + B: Draw a trendline
  • Ctrl + D: Delete selected drawing objects
  • Ctrl + A: Select all drawing objects
  • Ctrl + Shift + H: Hide/show price label
  • Ctrl + F: Open the Finder window
  • Ctrl + /: Open the command bar
  • Ctrl + G: Toggle grid visibility

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In conclusion, tradingview offers a wide range of keyword shortcuts that can greatly improve the efficiency and speed of analysis and trading for its users.

These shortcuts can save time and effort, allowing traders to focus more on decision-making and strategy execution, rather than getting caught up in the minutiae of navigating the platform.

By taking advantage of these keyword shortcuts, traders can streamline their workflow and stay ahead of market movements, ultimately improving their overall trading experience.

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