Cubase Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

If you’re a Cubase user looking to improve your workflow and efficiency, mastering keyboard shortcuts is a must.

By utilizing these quick commands, you can navigate the software more efficiently and complete tasks with ease.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular keyboard shortcuts for Cubase, designed to help you speed up your production process and streamline your workflow.

From basic navigation to advanced editing, these shortcuts will enhance your Cubase experience and make you a more productive user.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, mastering these keyboard shortcuts will undoubtedly take your Cubase skills to the next level.

Cubase Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

What Is Cubase

Cubase is a digital audio workstation for recording, editing, and mixing music and sound.

It is a software program developed by Steinberg, a subsidiary of Yamaha, and is widely used by musicians, producers, and recording engineers for creating music and audio projects.

Cubase provides a variety of tools and features for recording and editing audio, virtual instruments, and effects, as well as mixing and arranging music. It is available for Windows and macOS operating systems.

Cubase Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

  • Ctrl + S – Save project
  • Ctrl + Z – Undo
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z – Redo
  • Ctrl + C – Copy
  • Ctrl + V – Paste
  • Ctrl + X – Cut
  • Ctrl + A – Select all
  • Ctrl + D – Duplicate
  • Ctrl + E – Export audio mixdown
  • Ctrl + P – Print


In conclusion, understanding and utilizing keyword shortcuts in Cubase can greatly improve your workflow and efficiency as a music producer.

By memorizing and implementing these shortcuts, you can spend less time navigating menus and more time focusing on your creativity and production.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Cubase user, incorporating these shortcuts into your workflow can lead to a more seamless and productive music-making experience.

So take the time to familiarize yourself with these useful shortcuts and watch as your productivity and creativity soar to new heights.

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