Sibelius 7 Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

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Sibelius 7 Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

What Is Sibelius 7

Sibelius 7 is a music notation software created by Avid Technology. It is used by composers, arrangers, musicians, and music educators to create and edit musical scores.

Sibelius 7 offers advanced features for notating, arranging, and composing music, and is known for its user-friendly interface and powerful tools for music engraving.

It includes a wide range of musical symbols, notation options, and playback capabilities to help users bring their musical ideas to life.

Sibelius 7 Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

  • Ctrl + S – Save
  • Ctrl + N – New score
  • Ctrl + O – Open score
  • Ctrl + P – Print
  • Ctrl + Z – Undo
  • Ctrl + Y – Redo
  • Ctrl + C – Copy
  • Ctrl + X – Cut
  • Ctrl + V – Paste
  • Ctrl + A – Select all
  • Ctrl + F – Find
  • Ctrl + Shift + H – Hide/show palettes
  • Ctrl + T – Toggle dynamic parts


In conclusion, mastering the keyword shortcuts in Sibelius 7 is an essential skill for any composer or musician looking to streamline their workflow and improve their efficiency.

The time-saving benefits and increased productivity that come from utilizing these shortcuts can make a significant impact on the quality and speed of music composition and notation.

By committing to learning and implementing these shortcuts, composers can spend less time navigating menus and more time focusing on their creative process.

With practice, these shortcuts will become second nature, ultimately enhancing the overall musical experience for both composer and audience.

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