Sway Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

Keyboard shortcuts are essential tools for increasing productivity and efficiency while using Sway, the dynamic presentation software by Microsoft.

By creating a list of the most popular keyboard shortcuts for Sway, users can expedite their workflow, navigate the platform effortlessly, and enhance their overall user experience.

This comprehensive guide will highlight the top keyboard shortcuts for Sway, empowering users to master the program and maximize their effectiveness when creating captivating and interactive presentations.

Sway Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys (List)

What Is Sway

Sway is a digital storytelling app that allows users to create and share interactive presentations, reports, personal stories, and more.

It offers a variety of multimedia options, such as images, videos, and audio recordings, as well as different design layouts and themes.

Sway is especially useful for creating engaging and visually appealing content for both personal and professional use.

Sway Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

  • Mod+Enter – Open a new terminal window
  • Mod+D – Show application launcher
  • Mod+Shift+E – Exit Sway
  • Mod+Shift+Q – Close the focused window
  • Mod+Shift+R – Restart Sway
  • Mod+Shift+Space – Toggle floating mode for the focused window


In conclusion, the keyword shortcuts in Sway can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity for users. By utilizing these shortcuts, users can quickly and easily navigate through their Sway presentations, saving time and reducing the need for excessive clicking and scrolling.

Incorporating these shortcuts into your Sway experience can streamline the creation and delivery of dynamic and engaging presentations. Ultimately, mastering these keyword shortcuts can help users maximize the potential of Sway as a powerful and versatile presentation tool.

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